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Foreign Tax Tax Dispute

Global Taxation: A Complex Puzzle

In the age of globalization, UAE businesses reaching out to international markets like Saudi Arabia face a daunting challenge: double taxation. This challenge has been compounded by the UAE’s introduction of corporate tax, which means that your overseas earnings are subject to both domestic and foreign taxation.

The Foreign Tax Credit: Unlocking the Financial Safeguard

Businesses navigating these murky waters have a beacon of hope in the form of the Foreign Tax Credit (FTC). This powerful mechanism can act as a shield, offering relief from double taxation by allowing taxes paid in one country to offset tax liabilities in another.

The Tale of Cross-Border Earnings:

Consider expanding your UAE-based business into the Saudi Arabian market. Here’s what you need to know:

-Your company earns income in Saudi Arabia, which imposes a withholding tax.

-The UAE’s corporate tax awaits your global income upon repatriation.

-The FTC steps in, allowing the Saudi Arabian taxes you pay to reduce your UAE tax bill, easing your fiscal burden and protecting your profits.

Key Moves for UAE Enterprises in Strategizing for Success:

To navigate the complex landscape of global taxation, you need a clear strategy. Here’s how to get started:

-Understanding the impact of the foreign tax credit on your specific business activities is crucial to identifying opportunities to reduce your overall tax burden.

-In the world of taxation, detailed records are your best defense. Maintaining meticulous documentation of foreign taxes paid is essential to maximize your FTC claim.

Tax Compliance and Optimization: Charting Your Course:

Taking advantage of opportunities like the FTC requires expert guidance. Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to helping you not only comply with tax regulations but also improve your fiscal performance.

Take your global business ambitions to the next level:

By navigating the complexities of U.S. tax obligations and utilizing strategies like the foreign tax credit, financial optimization becomes a path to financial optimization, not just compliance. We can transform your international taxation approach today.

Need Help?

It can be daunting to navigate the complexities of the U.S. and international tax systems as an expat or digital nomad, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let KKCA be your guide and ally by contacting our COO at Together, we will ensure that your ventures remain compliant and reap the benefits of strategic tax planning.


For specific advice tailored to your specific circumstances, consult with a qualified tax professional. This guide offers a broad overview and is intended as an informational resource only. In order to navigate these complexities, it is essential to have professional guidance. Tax laws and regulations are subject to constant change.


1. What is the Foreign Tax Credit (FTC)?

The FTC is a tax relief mechanism allowing businesses and individuals to offset taxes paid abroad against their domestic tax liabilities, preventing double taxation.

2. Who can benefit from the FTC?

UAE businesses with international operations and income subject to taxes both abroad and in the UAE can benefit from claiming the FTC.

3. How does double taxation occur?

Double taxation occurs when the same income is taxed by two different jurisdictions, typically the country where the income is earned and the taxpayer’s home country.

4. Can the FTC reduce my UAE corporate tax bill?

Yes, the FTC can reduce your UAE corporate tax liability by crediting foreign taxes paid against the taxes due in the UAE.

5. What documentation is required to claim the FTC?

You need detailed records of foreign taxes paid, including tax receipts, statements, and proof of payment, to support your FTC claim.

6. Is there a limit to how much FTC I can claim?

The amount of FTC you can claim is generally limited to the lower of the foreign tax paid or the amount of UAE corporate tax attributable to the foreign income.

7. How do I calculate the foreign tax credit?

Calculating the FTC involves determining the total foreign taxes paid and how they relate to your overall tax liability under UAE tax laws.

8. Can all foreign taxes qualify for the FTC?

Not all foreign taxes are eligible for the FTC. Taxes must meet specific criteria set by UAE tax regulations to qualify.

9. What if foreign taxes exceed my UAE tax liability?

If foreign taxes paid exceed your UAE tax liability, you may carry forward or, in some cases, carry back the excess to other tax years, subject to UAE tax laws.

10. How can I ensure compliance and maximize my FTC benefits?

Engaging with a tax professional specializing in international tax law and UAE corporate tax can help ensure compliance and optimize your FTC benefits.


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