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Consult Kewal Krishan & Co, Chartered Accountants to get tax-efficient advice and get your business growing.

Ensure you're following the laws of the land with our expert filing of state corporate tax returns.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of corporate dividend taxes with the expertise of our experienced tax professionals.

Perfect for landlords! We make real estate income calculations stress-free, saving you time and money.

Our team of dedicated professionals can help you seamlessly complete Form 8832 and ensure that your C corp election is approved on time.

C-Corps Taxation

Consult our tax experts to find you a tailored plan for your C Corp business needs.
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Smoothen your C-Corp tax compliances



C-Corp tax compliance is getting complex given today’s complex tax environment and IRS aggressive tax codes. The diverse tax treatment is becoming increasingly complex for corporate structures but is proving more beneficial for corporate owners than paying additional individual income tax, especially with a flat tax rate of 21%.

We assist with Corporate tax returns and C-Corp elections for domestic and foreign entities which can result in huge tax savings.

Consult our tax experts to get tax-efficient advisory and get your business growing.

Our Core Services

C Corporation Tax Return filings (Form 1120)

C Corp election with IRS (Form 8832)

State Corporate Tax Returns

Real Estate Income (Form 8825)

Corporate dividends tax treatments

Depreciation schedules (Form 4562)

Foreign shareholder’s tax reporting and compliances (Form 5472)

Tax withholding requirements on income attributable to foreign shareholders

Pass through Entity Taxation

Consult our tax experts to find you a tailored plan for your Pass Through Entity business needs.
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Relax your Pass Through business compliances

Pass-through entities such as S-Corps and Partnerhips pays no taxes at entity level but at shareholders or partners level. Entities treated as Pass-through list their information about income, credits, and deductions for their owner’s personal tax returns. Taxes are critical so let our tax experts handle the tax reportings for your business.

We assist with end-to-end tax preparations for pass-through entities and their shareholders or partners. 

Consult our tax experts to get tax-efficient advice and get your business growing


Our Core Services

Partnership Tax Return filings (Form 1065)

S -Corp Tax Return FIlings (Form 1120S)

Form K1, K2 & K3 reportiongs for shareholders & Partners

State Pass-Through Tax Returns across the United States

Managing Tax basis and distribution reportings

Foreign partner’s tax reporting and compliances (Form 8804, Form 8805, Form 8813)

S-Corp entity election (Form 2553)

International Taxation

Consult with our international tax experts to develop a customized strategy for your global business expansion.
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Expand your wings Globally with our compliance experts

Increasing global footprint has become a major plan of action to enter the evolving economy. The complex tax rulebooks for cross-border business are only distracting your business growth. Supplement your global growth with us as we ensure your international tax strategy with compliance obligations, cross-border mergers, and tax treaty planning so that you can only focus on expanding.

We assist in determining reportable entites among the group and file tax returns having reportable incomes and subsidiary transactions among the group to be fully complied with IRS international tax codes. This includes Subpart F income, GILTI, BEAT, Tax forms such as 5471, 5472, 1116, 1118, 8995 and much more.

Let our International tax experts plan your tax strategies so that you can concentrate on ruling worldwide.

Our Core Services

Identifying Reportable entities and transactions

Identifying reportable incomes and deductible expenses

International tax elections for IRS compliances and tax planning

International Tax Forms Preparations Form 5471 & 5472

PFIC foreign corporation having US shareholder (Form 8621)

FIRPTA compliances for real estate transactions

International tax withholdings compliances

Treaty-based return position disclosure

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